Sunday, July 5, 2009


OK, so I lied...I didn't get back on line quite as quickly as I'd hoped. But now that I have my computer and my camera cord to download pictures, I should be a more frequent blogger...until school starts! Ha!'s my news...we moved...AGAIN!! Yep, we're in Utah now! I know, shock, but not any more shocking than it came to us. We LOVED Mississippi and truly didn't want to leave but circumstances necessitated a change and Utah was the only door left open to we took it, reluctantly, but gratefully.

Leaving what I loved in, friends, culture.There's nothing like living in the South! I loved being able to see "Faith" promoted everywhere. Store marquees posting Sabbath reminders, even the banks displayed scripture mostly about God and Country. Awesome! The culture...strong southern pride and sense of community. Family...we loved our time with family on both sides. My reconnection with the Wood family was a blessed gift, one I probably wouldn't have had had I not lived in Mississippi. I'll miss my dear friends and the best job ever...what an experience!!! Of course, leaving our beautiful 4 acres and giving up our dream was one of the hardest things to let go of...but we did...and we survived!

Coming back to Utah...being close to family (children and grandchildren) and church. There's nothing like Temple Square in the Spring! The girls and I spent a day at Temple Square shortly after we moved to Salt Lake City. It's was absolutely beautiful! We've had the chance to see "The Spoken Word" twice now...amazing!! Couldn't do that in Mississippi. For Father's Day we had a family dinner at Uncle Roger and Aunt Judy's. Reminds me of all the times we would drive up to spend Sunday evenings with them, have dinner and play dominos. There's been a few members added to the family since then which adds to the fun. I'm so glad to be back with my Utah family!!Ken continually reminds me of all the "perks" about moving here and says, "these things should count for something". Well, they do!
We've had a chance to visit with Jason, Hannah and the girls for Lilly's 1st birthday. What price do you put on that??? We had a wonderful time and look forward to many more visits!Riley and Alexis spent their 1st wedding anniversary with us! How wonderful is that?? They went to Lagoon and visited old Orem places. I'm so glad we're just a day away for them to "get away" to. Then Chelsey and I followed them back down to Phoenix for a visit with family there and because we drove, I could bring back 'stuff'. Ok...couldn't do that if I still lived in Mississippi. Bonus...Dad and Mom came up for a couple of weeks so Dad could help (nearly singlehandedly) finish the basement (just one of those "perks").

The Lord has blessed us in many ways...we left a place we loved to call home and looked forward to settling down there, but we were so far away from most of the children. Ken and I both loved our jobs and hated to leave the many friends we had made so quickly. As the Reverend Mother said in Sound of Music...when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. This is so true in our case. We've come back to a place we once hated to leave, back to familiar places, family and friends. Who would have thought??? Certainly not us!! But here Ken is back with old work buddies and against all odds, I've found a great teaching we're settling down here to begin the next stage of our lives...grandparents!!

When I married Ken he told me "hang on for the ride". Well so far, it's been a doozy!!

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claudia said...

Great to have you blogging again. I wondered if you had made it here yet. Where are you, actually? Where and what are you going to teach? Your family pictures are wonderful.