Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clint was Baptized!!

Clint was baptized July 6th and confirmed a member of the church on the 13th!!! What an amazing young man!
Here's the history: Moving away from Tucson was hard for Chelsey who was leaving her guy behind. Before leaving we had already bought two different plane trips back for by herself and the other for Riley's wedding. That helped the separation blues a bit. While she was here in MS, Clint and Chelsey spent many hours on the phone. You would think that after a while you would run out of things to talk about (what do you talk about if it's not your children's drama, financial drama, or your family drama?) Anyway, they talked about the church and started reading and sharing scriptures together. Clint has a Mormon heritage of his own...on his father's side, but he wasn't raised in the church and knew little of the doctrine. During Chelsey's first visit back, Clint had his first missionary discussion at our old ward's bishop's home (who happened to be Clint's orthopedic doctor). Things went really well, so they scheduled more and more appointments, some with Chelsey, others without. Well, a truly amazing thing happened. The Spirit got a hold of Clint and he decided to be baptized. We always liked Clint, he was a good friend to Chelsey even before they started dating, but his countenance changed once he started learning about the gospel. Like Riley, he stood a little taller, smiled a little more and his eyes were a little brighter. He seemed happier. He announced his desire to be baptized the Monday morning after Riley's wedding. (I took this picture to document the event!) The visit to the temple visitor's center, viewing the display on Christ and the movie on the prophet Joseph helped with his desire, but ultimately it was the Spirit testifying to his open heart that the church was true. Well, needless to say, Chelsey changed her plans to leave with me the next morning and stayed another two weeks so she could attend his baptism. No one in Clint's family knew that he was seriously investigating the church...they just knew he had a "cute little Mormon girlfriend". After telling his parents, Clint called his grandfather who lives in Show Low. Imagine his surprise when Clint asked if he would baptize him!! 'Tons' of people were in attendance at the baptism. The singles ward there is AMAZING and many came to support Clint. (This was the same ward Riley attended before he got married.) Clint had many family members coming from all over as well. One of the jokes between Clint and Chelsey was that because she was Mormon and he had Mormon relatives...that maybe they might be related somehow and "wouldn't that be weird/disgusting??!!" Well, at the baptism, they found out that...Chelsey is a second cousin to Clint's aunt, through marriage! My Uncle George's step-daughter is Clint's aunt. There isn't any blood relation involved but goes to show that it's a small world in the church!! With his new found faith and surrounded by supportive friends and family...Clint will be able to accomplish great things! Congratulations, Clint!! Your life will never be the'll just get better!

Wedding Events continued...

Chelsey finally returned from Arizona and brought her camera full of pictures! yeah! So I'm going to try and do some recapping of the wedding events.

Riley's Temple Session
Our arrival from Miss. was timed to barely get us to the temple for Riley's session...IF nothing went wrong. Well...for the first time EVER, Southwest was late!! About 2 hours late. There went any 'wiggle' room we might have had and so Riley enlisted the help of his 'soon to be' brother-in-law, Jeremy, to stand in with him. We were heartbroken. I was so upset that I actually had an honest to goodness melt down in the rental car line. Chelsey called Natalie at that exact time and wanted to talk to me. Natalie told Chelsey, "I don't think now is a good time. You REALLY don't want to talk to her now." It was BAD! However, the drive to the temple helped calm me, and the fact that my mother was able to have everything moved back so we could at least be there for the I arrived without 'melt-down' residual. It was an amazing feeling to be greeted by Riley, all dressed in white, who was waiting for us in the foyer. He seemed right at home. And it just got better from there!!! We were in the temple with Riley, Chelsey was in Tucson with her boyfriend Clint who was having another missionary discussion and Natalie was with the sister missionaries in the visitor's center having a wonderful experience. All at the same time!!!
Bridal Shower
Alexis had a bridal shower at the home of one of her dear friends. It took us FOREVER to get to the shower because it was clear over at the other end of civilization. I had NO idea people lived out that far! When our carpool of family showed up, several young ladies were leaving. We knew we were a tad bit late but started to be concerned that the shower might already be ending. Anyway, we found out later that we were only invited to the Nice shower...that the Naughty shower was held earlier!! Hmmm, a Naughty and Nice shower!! Anyway, it was fun to visit and eat the good food and watch Alexis open presents! I also had my first "shocking" introduction as the..."Mother-in-law"!!
The Wedding Day
After all the wonderful events of a temple session, bridal shower and reception, it was time for the wedding!! The day was sunny and beautiful...and warm. While everyone waited for 'our' bride and groom to appear, any amount of shade was utilized...even the shade from a skinny palm tree! I about died when I saw this 'line-up' and had to have a picture!! was soooo hot. Poor Ken in his dark suit.
The girls, along with Clint toured the temple grounds and visitor's center while they waited.
The bride and groom finally appeared and were hurried off for pictures. Handsome couple!
The 'wedding line'. Can you even believe Riley is a husband in this picture!! He looks so handsome and HAPPY! Thank you Alexis!!! Isn't she beautiful?! We LOVE her!!
The Luncheon
We hurried off after pictures at the temple and headed over to the luncheon. The Roussel family had a long drive over to the church...sorry guys! Thank heavens for my family. They jumped in and got everything set up...yeah for Relief Society training. Thanks everyone for all your help. they went, to live Happily Ever After...