Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Wedding Events

The "Pre"ception
Riley and Alexis choose to have the reception the night before their wedding... setting their marriage day apart from the traditional festivities. This was nice for all of us, but I'm sure especially for the bride and groom who had the stress of preparing for the reception over and done with and could then relax and enjoy their wedding day. Plus they could just leave from the luncheon afterwards and head off on their honeymoon without having to stand for hours greeting well-wishers. Smart idea!!
The reception was a warm and wonderful event. Everything was decorated beautifully in a beach cottage theme. Amazingly, Alexis's mother did most everything herself including, making the bride's dress and the wedding cake to name a few!! There were multiple comments that the cake was the "best I've ever eaten" and Ken wants the recipe for the chicken salad. Family, neighbors and friends came from all over, including Bishop and Sister Whitaker from Tucson, our Tucson hometeacher Bro. Andrews and wife Debbie (our Relief Society Pres.) and dear friend Holly with Garrett and company. Aunt Judy and family came all the way down from Utah. Thanks everyone for supporting Riley!! Our visit was short, but it was so good to see you all. But the biggest surprise of the night was the appearance of Daniel Nelson. Daniel lived across the street from us in Orem and just so happened to be visiting his sister just a few miles away from the reception. So he came!! Daniel was always such a good friend to Riley, even during some tough times. What a great kid!!! Anyway, I cornered him and made him tell me all the happenings in the old Orem ward. He represented all our Utah friends noblely, bringing their faces to mind and making me so homesick. Thanks for coming Daniel!!!
Overall it was a wonderful evening, one that I will cherish. How grateful I am to the Roussel family and the spirit they all carry with them. For their acceptance and love of Riley and for their beautiful daughter Alexis...who I now call 'daughter' as well!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

They're Married!!!

Riley and Alexis are MARRIED!!! What a wonderful day today has been! Riley was beaming, Alexis was was a perfect day!!! Actually the past few days have been filled with such amazing that we have longed for and prayed for. How grateful I am for a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Last minute count-down

We're counting the days until Alexis and Riley's June 21st wedding. Because we're so far away, I can't be in the middle of all the running around preparing for the festivities surrounding a wedding. So, my 'stress level' has been relatively low. With the exception of finding appropriate dresses for the girls, it's been pretty easy! Also, I sent Natalie off to Utah and Chelsey off to Tucson early last week for "friend visits", so I've been an empty nester. I don't think I like it! Anyway, things seem to be moving smoothly thanks to my mom and sister-in-law Pam. They've organized an airconditioned place for the wedding luncheon, tables, chairs and table cloths and food!! My sister Jenn had offered her beautiful yard and pool but it's just too hot in late June at noon to eat outside! Once Ken and I get to Phoenix we will hit the ground running. But so far, it's been the calm before the storm!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mississippi Family

This past week, Cousin Katie moved back to Hattiesburg from Gilbert AZ so she could attend the University of Southern Mississippi for her masters. Cousin Leigh from Littleton CO came along to help with the move. Cousin Dave and wife Kim (from the Canton Flea Market post) and their four children already live in Hattiesburg close to Uncle Ken. So this past weekend, I joined up with my Mississippi family at Uncle Ken's house for some shopping, antiquing, eating and lots of visiting. It was a familiar family gathering...only it was happening in Mississippi and not Utah...such a STRANGE feeling!!