Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jason's Home

Jason arrived home February 11th to a very happy family!! This picture was printed on the front page of the Colorado Springs newspaper. The caption read: "Audrey Rizzuto, 4, of Colorado Springs, helps her dad, Sgt. Jason Rizzuto, push a stroller to the car after he returned from Iraq. Rizzuto was welcomed home by his wife and three daughters." When we pulled it up on the web, it gave me chills and made his being home...REAL!! A huge weight was lifted when he called and said he was in America. You really don't realize how much you'd been "holding your breath" until you don't have to anymore. That was the feeling we felt after seeing this darling picture...such relief!! Then the very next thought that comes to mind is..."there are still so many more that need to come home." Hopefully that will happen soon, but until then, PRAY for all the soldiers. We are all proud of Jason, for his dedication to his duty and love for his country. What an amazing man!!


Tanya said...

Yeah! Answered prayers are wonderful! Let me know how you are, stranger!

Claudia said...

That is truly a special picture full of pure joy!